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Biography of M.R. Stefanik
now available on video
created by Dr. Peter Ondrus

Dr. Peter Ondrus was born in Czechoslovakia and attended Comenius University in Bratislava, receiving his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in 1979. As of May 2021, Dr. Ondrus serves as Clinical Professor in the Division of Cardiac Surgery, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, and as Adjunct Professor, Division of Community Engagement/Global Health, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta. In addition to his extensive professional activities in the healthcare industry, which include clinical practice, teaching, lecturing, scientific research and publications, Dr. Ondrus is highly active in both his local and the global community, organizing exhibitions and international collaboration projects, often with a Slovak theme.

Dr. Ondrus has recently created a video biography (in both the Slovak and English languages) documenting the life of Brigadier General Milan Rastislav Stefanik, available below.

To see a photo gallery of exhibitions organized by Dr. Ondrus, please click here:


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